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by Ellen MacGregor and Dora Pantell


Biographical Sketches

Dora Pantell was born Dora Fuchs on December 25, 1915 in New York City. She earned a bachelor's degree from Hunter College in 1931, and a master's degree from Columbia University in 1933. Pantell has taught in New York City public schools, and at the college level. She also has experience teaching English as a second language. She's been employed as a social worker, and as a writer of publicity and educational curricula. In addition to her children's books, Pantell has written numerous textbooks and manuals, most dealing with the teaching of English as a second language.


The "Miss Pickerell" series was begun by Ellen MacGregor, who died in 1954. Following her death, McGraw-Hill searched unsuccessfully for someone to continue the series until 1964, when they selected Ms. Pantell.



Scope and Content

The "Miss Pickerell" series recounts the comic adventures of a clever, eccentric old woman and her human and animal sidekicks. Often, these characters use their knowledge of science to deal with the challenges which confront them. Charles Geer has illustrated all of the Miss Pickerell books written by Dora Pantell.



Series titles authored by Ellen MacGregor alone

Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars (1951)

Miss Pickerell and the Geiger Counter (1953)

Miss Pickerell Goes Undersea (1953)

Miss Pickerell Goes to the Arctic (1954)


Series titles authored by Ellen MacGregor and Dora Pantell

Miss Pickerell on the Moon (1965)

Miss Pickerell Goes on a Dig (1966)

Miss Pickerell Harvests the Sea (1968)

Miss Pickerell and the Weather Satellite (1971)

Miss Pickerell Meets Mr. H.U.M. (1974)

Miss Pickerell Takes the Bull By the Horns (1976)

Miss Pickerell to the Earthquake Rescue (1977)

Miss Pickerell and the Supertanker (1978)

Miss Pickerell Tackles the Energy Crisis (1980)

Miss Pickerell on the Trail (1982)

Miss Pickerell and the Blue Whale (1983)

Miss Pickerell and the War of the Computers (1984)

Miss Pickerell and the Lost World (1986)



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