Famous Five Puzzles

There have been many Famous Five puzzles released by three different companies.  The first Famous Five puzzle was published in 1955 by a company called Bestime.  They published twenty puzzles, each painted by the Famous Five illustrator, Eileen Soper.  Bestime also published different Enid Blyton characters as well as the Famous Five. Below is a list of the Famous Five puzzles published by Bestime they are in the order they were published:

Five in Camp

Five in Smuggler’s Cove

Five at the Circus

Five Go to Sea

Five Have a Moorland Picnic

Five on Kirrin Island

Five Help with Harvest

Five at the Airfield

Five on a Windy Day

Five Have a Wonderful Time

Five Fall into Adventure

Five on a Holiday

Five in a Speedboat

Five Have Fun in Snow

Five Go Riding

Five Round a Campfire

Five in the Garden

The New Tractor

Five at the Zoo

Five on a Camping Holiday

In 1975 Whitman published their own Famous Five Puzzles and in 1978 they brought out another series showing scenes from the 78/79 TV series. The last Famous Five puzzle published was in 1991 by Paul Lamond Games – entitled “Famous Five on a Treasure Island.”

It should be noted that only the Paul Lamond Games puzzle actually involves solving a mystery.  The others are merely jigsaw puzzles based on pictures from the book or television scenes.


Information was taken from The Famous Five website and modified slightly -