Who Am I?


My name is Lorrie Pellack and I live in Iowa. My parents began buying jigsaw puzzles for me when I was a small child and I quickly became addicted to them. I am not affiliated with any puzzle company, nor have I ever been employed by one. I am merely a puzzle enthusiast interested in sharing my knowledge with others.


These pages started with my love of puzzles in the bePuzzled line. Over time, I have expanded into other types of solve-the-mystery puzzles and other puzzles that have an additional element beyond just assembling the puzzle such as: find hidden objects, solve a maze, count mistakes, etc. I am always on the lookout for new puzzles and new types of puzzles that give me an excuse to leave the completed puzzle on the table for a while to enjoy.


It became difficult to keep track of which puzzles I owned so I began to compile lists of them and it was next to impossible to find information about these puzzles on the Internet or in books. As I discovered new puzzle titles or manufacturers I ended up adding them to my lists, even if I was unable to purchase them, so that I did not lose the information that they existed.


Many people like certain types of puzzles and become disappointed when a particular manufacturer goes out of business or cease putting out specific types of puzzles. It is my hope that these pages will serve as a way to alert puzzlers to other titles/manufacturers that they may not already know about.




Main jigsaw page bePuzzled Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles


Purchasing Tips List of Jigsaw Puzzles Related to Mysteries


Puzzle Twists for Children Jigsaw Puzzles With an Added Twist



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